Citadel v CofC Basketball


USCGA 2006
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Nov 25, 2007
During a very recent port call I happened into a sportsbar (King Street Grill) to watch a Nashville Predators (NHL hockey) game. While I was there I overhear the bar tender and a waitress talking about the upcoming basketball game. Now, being a hockey fan I naturally dislike basketball, however I'm all about going to sporting events in cities I haven't visited. The next day I hopped in a cab from the pier at the old Navy base now FLETC (Federal Law Enforcement Training Center). Within 10 mins the cabbie pulled onto the campus of the Citadel. One of my best friends from high school went to VMI, so I knew of the horror stories. I expected there to be some tension between the Citadel and their cross town rivals, the College of Charleston, but there really wasn't. Citadel's basketball team wasn't good, and they knew it. There was some good joking around. I hadn't realized how much dating went on between the two schools, but it seemed like there was a CofC female paired off with many Citadel cadets. I met General, the 70lbs English Bulldog of the Citadel, ugly sweet dog. After talking to the cadet sitting next to me most of the game, I found that many Citadel grads ended up marrying their CofC sweethearts.

CofC dominated the game, but it was a good time for everyone. The drill team at half time was especially impressive.
Having a friend who formerly dated a knob, and a former cadet from our unit as a rising senior, I have heard the horror stories as well. My guess is that dispite the rivalry (and the fact that CoC is probably the college most responsible for the change from plebe to knob) and general dislike of their partying... CoC girls are about the best date's any cadet is going to find and they probably know it. It has been my impression that the Citadel is much in line with it's "campus to the North" (a joke by the commedant as a westpointer) in that it frowns on inner company dating. More than that it has been my impression that female cadets frown apon the practice since nothing really stays secret for long there. Something I can attest too after two week long leadership schools their. I suspect ist's partly nessecity and partly opertunity that unlike truce...