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    I am hoping to seek an appointment for both the USMA and USNA. I am interested in being a military officer and within that I am interested in Engineering. I am currently a high school Junior and am interested in majoring in Civil Engineering.

    Here are my questions:
    What would military life be like specifically with regards to a Civil Engineering major? (this is not about military life in general-but specifically as it relates to Civil Engineering) How would my active duty time look differently with a major in civil engineering when comparing USMA and USNA?

    Thank you in advance for any answers.
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    Cannot speak from experience (I am a cadet) but from what I've heard, your major will have little, if any influence on your job in the Army. They can certainly be related and can help you do your job...example being majoring in civil engineering and then going on to branch engineers. A technical background would probably help with that. Or majoring in CS and branching signal corp. What you do in the Army will be dependent on your branch and where/what you get assigned to...

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