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    Congrats to the incoming class 0f 2020. You made it!! I day is in a scant few days so enjoy the time with friends/family. You now begin the next phase of your life. This next phase can and should be broken down into "mini-phases' Plebe summer, AC and 2nd semester of 1C( graduation ). Plebe summer is a time of trying to blend in and not to stand out as you dont want to come to attention of the detailers. Even though I have been away, we have had only 4 black days so far ( black flag means air temp over 90 degrees ) Remember that your coming to Annapolis where it can be hit or miss as far as temps go for summer ( research previous threads ). Most of you have not been exposed to the humidity yet..remember to drink lots of water and mix it up with some gatorade. Remember that no matter how bad it seems during PS, the clock has already started ticking down to the end of PS once your run through I day processing as there is no moving the clock backwards. If you need a goal, use this -- end of PS is Parents/family weekend.

    After you completed PS, your primary JOB, yes JOB, is to get good grades and keep them. DONT be afraid to ask your teachers for extra help ( some of you, this maybe tough as you might not have asked for help at all during high school ) if needed. You will make mistakes, fall down but remember, you have literally hundreds of other peers who have been where you at and have made it through. Reach out to others as they had help along the way too. Some of the sponsor families have been doing for a while might have a system in place like we do. All of the upper classmen that still come over to our house, MUST help our current plebes, no questions asked. During your AC, your have Chem, Calculus and Physics. My parents believe that the team is only as strong as the weakest member. There is no rank used in our house, everyone is a MID. You will have fun, make lots of memories and life lasting friendships during your time at the academy.

    As a firstie, back from Christmas break, your time WILL go bye faster than you realize as graduation is right around the corner. Most will know where you going, ship assignments and more by now. Enjoy the time as you reflect back to your upcoming I day. Remembering your concerns and fears and most importantly, overcoming those concerns and fears! Remember before you can lead, you must first learn to follow. These are some of things that I have been able to pick up over the years as being part of a sponsor family.

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