Class of 2011 - Statistics


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Jul 9, 2006
Projected Class Size on 6/27/07:

Men - 957
Women - 255
Total - 1212

Men - 9565
Women - 2438
Total - 12,003

Class of 2001 includes 255 women (21%) and 290 minorities (24.1%)

26% (327) are from college and post high school prep programs:
207 from NAPS
69 from Foundation Program
51 additional students from college (43) or private prep schools (8)

Former Enlisted:
Navy - 63
Marine Corps - 23
Total - 86

16 of these entered directly from the Navy or Marine Corps while 50 entered from NAPS and 20 from Nuclear Power School Program.

16 have served in Operation Iraqi Freedom.
The percentage of women is actually down a slight bit from last year's 22%:eek:
The percentage of women is actually down a slight bit from last year's 22%

Your point?

Right now, women are graduating at a consistent mesaurable rate lower than men. A higher percentage are going surface warfare and then resigning their commissions at the earliest opportunity, leaving the community with a shortage of qualified department heads.

Maybe they are trying to fix things downstream to make the appointment of a female more cost and effort effective before they open the gates. Those percentages seem pretty good, to me.
I don't think a difference of one percentage point is significant in the grand scheme of things - these numbers are very fluid right until the end. There could be a lot of reasons why the % of women decreased. Look at how many applied, got nominations and are ultimately offered appointments. It could be that for whatever reason fewer women than expected accepted their appointments.
Now if you see a downward trend of one percentage point a year for several years that would be cause for concern.
Statistics last year also show that 233 entered from NAPS in 2007 or 20%. This year's figure is down to 207 (17%) from NAPS.
While 31% of the Class of 2011 did not enter directly from high school, the Class of 2010 had 33% that were not appointed directly from high school.

Interestingly, the Class of 2010 admitted 1215 on I-Day while the class of 2011 expected 1212 to show for I-Day.
I met one! I really did! Had snacks in a place (if I mention the name, she may see it here) in Annapolis and she uncomfortably mentioned it.

No, I was not drinking alcohol at the time. :beer1:
nursey, You're home!!!!!! We expect a full report. All the gory details. It's not the time to start being bashful.

Any good rumors?

I am sure you had a great time and you know that son is now in good hands.
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Sir, here is my report, sir!

That is what they told them the first two words would be out of their mouth before they went into the hallowed doors of alumni hall.

Let me begin with it was hotter than he**! Oppressively humid (check spelling on first word) with little to no air movement. I started glistening the moment I stepped out to the shuttle. I also ended up getting sunburnt, but that's another story.

I did get to meet M2L and Spidermom. We hung out and saw each other a bit before the big day. They are great and have raised some great children. I really enjoyed meeting them.

I was okay in the line w/my son until the chaplain asked if I was okay. The floodgates opened and boo hoo hoo. I gave my son a hug and sent him on his way. Plus, there were Navy officers there, I think, to peel parents away. Some parents tried to follow their child up to the doors and were blocked by "the great white wall.":biggrin: Instead of standing there and crying, I decided to get a glass of tea and go to the rear of Alumni and wait for my skinny, bald child.

I waited for four hours. Reason was that he had to wait for cardiac clearance (h/o heart murmur which resolved and doppler reports were provided) and blood draw. This kid has veins like hoses and they pulled out the needle before they were done, popped the other arm, couldn't get enough blood, and had to end up borrowing from the other tubes (as a medical professional I can tell you that is bad, since some of the tubes are heparinized and some should not be-hope they didn't blow it!). Out he came, walked with purpose (their words, not mine :shake: ), chucked his stuff in the back of the truck and got on the bus to Bancroft.

I waited for four hours securing seats in the stands so that we could see them when they came in for their oath. I did provide the boy a clear drink, as not to mess up his "working whites." I did not let him have his last glimpse of me with tears in his eyes, but words with, "I know you can do this," I love you," and "we'll see you at PPW." I kept the rest of my tears for the hotel room, airplane, and yesterday walking around an empty house. I haven't even had the guts (or front end loader to enable entrance into his pig stye room) to go into his room, yet. Maybe this weekend.

Anyway, that is the end of my report. Yes, it is full of holes, but I'll have more information as it seeps out of my addled brain!:shake:

Respectfully Submitted,

Nursey - after reading your report I have tears in my eyes. Only 2 more days until my son leaves for R-day at West Point. I won't be there to experience it and your story brought that home to me again. On the positive side of things I called the USMA gift shop this morning and ordered my class of 2011 tote bag. Shopping always helps a little. :thumb:

I haven't met Spidermom in person but we have been in touch for a year now, both our sons went to NMMI last year. One weekend last April she went to visit her son and stopped by my son's room so she could take a picture of him, which she emailed to me. She is so sweet!

I have been checking out all the I-day pictures and video hoping to catch a glimpse of my son's friend. He's a big, tall kid but so far no luck spotting him. Do they post pics from plebe summer on the USNA website?
Yes, they do. Sending an IM.

Yes, you will be there, because he's taking your heart with him. Don't beat on yourself. You hurt because you love him. He knows this, don't think they don't. My son hugged me, told me he loved me and gave me a kiss in public. This kid is by no means demonstrative, so I know he was feeling the loss of my presence. You'll be there for every step.:cool:

I wish I lived outside the gates and could watch him, but I can't. I started crying in surgery (yes, again) because a song was played that I used to sing to him when he was a baby and I sobbed :sadwavey: . My friend came in, took over until I could control myself and I came back in. However, yes, retail therapy is therapeutic and I tried to do some pre-emptively. :shake:

I love Spidermom and I want to be like her when I have children that have girlfriends. She's such a good example!
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Oh, NP and WAMom you are my girls! Y'all are so sweet.

Yep, WAmom and I have shared the nerve-wracking prep year experience together. She's been my person to vent to about many boy issues. :)

Gah, only one Spider sighting in all those thousands of pix and it's from I-Day.:thumbdown: