Class of 2012 Arrives Thursday!


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Jul 20, 2006
From an email that I received today:


U.S. AIR FORCE ACADEMY, Colo. - The 1,373 members of the U.S. Air Force Academy's Class of 2012 arrive here Thursday to begin basic cadet training.

The Class of 2012 boasts the largest percentage of women entering basic cadet training in Academy history at 21.48 percent, surpassing last year's previous all-time high mark by 0.7 percent. The Class of 2012 also includes 287 minorities, which make up 20.9 percent of the class.

Overall, the Academy received 9,000 applications for admission into the class, with 1,600 being offered appointments. As of June 23, 1,373 had accepted appointments, including 1,078 men and 295 women. Other credentials of the Class of 2012 include:

* 47 are prior-enlisted members

* 17 percent were either high school class presidents or vice-presidents

* 62 percent were in an academic honor society

* 95 percent were athletic letter award winners

* 30 percent were in band or orchestra

* 28 percent were Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts

* 9 percent were in Civil Air Patrol

* 13 percent were in Junior ROTC

The high school grade point average for the Class of 2012 is 3.85. College entrance score average for the SAT is 1,290.

The 16 international cadets entering with the Class of 2012 are from Belize, Brunei, Ecuador, El Salvador, Honduras, Korea, Lithuania, Madagascar, Peru, Poland, Senegal, Serbia, Singapore, Slovenia, Taiwan and Tunisia.

The appointees' introduction to cadet life starts June 26 with a full day of in-processing which includes: medical processing, haircuts, clothing and equipment issue, and squadron and dormitory room assignments. It also marks the start of 38 days of Basic Cadet Training designed to prepare the basic cadet trainees for entry into the Cadet Wing.

During the first 18 days, most of the basic training is conducted within the cadet area. On July 14, the trainees march to Jacks Valley to set up a tent city and live there for 12 days of field training. The trainees march back from Jacks Valley to the cadet area on July 26, and finish Basic Cadet Training on Aug. 2.

The fall academic semester begins Aug. 7.

NOTE: The Class of 2012 statistics are current as of June 24 2008.


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Barbara Gutierrez is a saint, and will become one of your parent's best friends during your 4-dig year. Congrats to the Class of 2012. Good luck.

Very impressive - Good Luck to the class of 2012!

95 percent were athletic letter award winners
This alone should answer any questions as to whether or not it is important to be an athlete.