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    Good morning. I received the Graduate Fact Sheet this morning and thought I would share it with you! Congratulations to all of the Parents/Grandparents, Friends and Family for the Class of 2013! They would not be to this point without your encouragement and support.
    When They Entered on 26 June
    1,667 were offered appointments
    1,368 were processed into the Academy
    Includes Internationals and
    79.7% or 1091 males Number of
    Scouts: 377
    20.3% or 277 females Boy
    Scouts: 158
    23.0% or 312 minorities
    (Excludes Internationals) Girl Scouts: 45
    49.9% or 680 pilot qualified
    Gold Award: 8
    11 International students Eagle
    Scouts: 166
    High School:
    Average GPA: 3.86
    Average SAT scores: 639 Verbal,
    664 Math
    Average ACT scores: 29.6
    English, 30.1 Reading, 30.3 Math, 29.4 Science Reasoning
    As They Graduate on 29 May
    2013 (as of 15 May 2013):
    Graduating: 1042 will walk
    across the stage (Includes Internationals)
    (Men: 826 (79.3%) Women: 216 (20.7%)

    Minorities: 234 (22.4%) 54
    African American, 98 Hispanic, 74 Asian-PI, 8 Native American
    International Students: 11
    Colombia, Ghana, Lithuania, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Serbia, Slovenia,
    Taiwan, Thailand, and Trinidad. (Total international grads for all years: 309 +
    11 = 320)
    Average Cumulative GPA: 2.94
    Attrition Rate: 336 or 24.7%
    Sets of Twins: 2
    Fourth-Child Graduates: 1
    Third-Child Graduates: 7
    Second-Child Graduates (other
    than twins): 48
    Second Generation Graduates: 58
    (includes 10 cadets, both mother and father graduates)
    Posthumous Graduate: 1
    Graduates Going To Pilot
    Training: 452
    Graduates Going To Combat
    Systems Operator (Navigator) Training: 5
    Graduates Going To Air Battle
    Manager Training: 5
    Graduates Going To Remotely
    Piloted Aircraft: 10
    Total Rated Officers in Class:
    Service commitment: Graduates from the Class of 2013
    who enter pilot training incur an active duty service commitment of ten years
    after earning their wings. For combat system operators (Navigators), RPAs,
    Combat Rescue Officers (CROs), and Special Tactics Officers the service
    commitment is six years.
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    It's impressive that, percentage wise, they didn't lose more men than women, or vice versa between their first day and graduation. Obviously they lost more men in numbers, but the percentages stayed abut the same.

    Do the SA's outreach more to women, to attempt to close the gender gap at all? With the push to get more girls interested in STEM education, I wonder if the number of women is rising? My daughter has attended many events in middle school specifically for girls interested in a STEM education, but her school (a STEM magnet) is still about the same percentages of boys and girls as the Academy based on this.
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    I'm pretty sure that the SA's are supposed to have the same male/female percentages as their branch of service.

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