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    On April 15th, 2009, the anxiety experienced by the Class of 2013 candidates will lessen as all board evaluations will be complete. Closure will come as some candidates receive a puffy blue folder embossed with the USNA crest while others receive a dreaded thin envelope. For some though, there will be more angst...those candidates wait listed. So what does that mean? Here are some brief FAQs to help:

    Q: What is the wait list?
    A: The wait list is composed of students our Admissions Board would like to have in our entering class but for whom there were not enough spaces available. This year the Naval Academy received over 15,300 applications for the Class of 2013. We have offered appointments to approximately 1,450 of those students; we expect 1,230 students to accept our offer and enroll at the United States Naval Academy. If fewer than 1,230 students accept our offer, we will then offer admission to some of the students who have been put on our wait list.

    Why was I wait listed?
    The Admissions Board considered all aspects of each student's application--rank in class, grades, standardized test scores, extracurricular activities, recommendations, essays, special talents, and backgrounds. We based our decisions on a careful analysis of all these factors and we offered admission to those students whom we thought would make up the strongest and most balanced entering class. Other strong students, like yourself, were put on the wait list.

    Should I accept another college offer?
    Because most colleges require a May 1 deposit, even if USNA is your first choice, you should pay a deposit at another school to guarantee that you will have a space next year. We must wait until after May 1, the decision deadline for students to whom we have offered appointments to determine how many spaces in the class will be filled at that time. If all spaces in the class are taken, we will not be able to offer admission to any students on the wait list. If spaces do become available, we will still need anywhere from two weeks to a month after May 1 to determine just how many additional offers of admission we can make.

    When is the earliest and latest I may hear?
    The earliest you may hear about the wait list is approximately the third week in May, and the latest may be mid-June.

    When is Induction Day?
    Induction Day, which is the day all Plebes report to USNA, is Wednesday, July 1, 2009.

    Will it help to write, call, or visit USNA?
    A visit would not affect our decision. If you are still on the wait list at the end of this semester, please send us your final transcript and, if you receive any honors or awards, you may submit those as well. Although you are welcome to send additional letters of recommendation, we have found that they generally restate information already available in your file.

    Is the wait list ranked?
    Students who remain on the wait list are not assigned a specific rank.

    If students are offered appointments from the wait list, how will these students be selected?
    To select students from the wait list, we will first need to see how many spaces are available and match those spaces with the students on the wait list. We will then examine the applications of students on the wait list and consider our original evaluation of a student's credentials along with any subsequent information we have received (final grades, additional honors, etc.).

    Any advice?
    We will try to resolve the wait list as soon as possible, but the process may extend until sometime in June. Because the possibilities are so unpredictable, you should begin making plans to attend the college where you have paid a deposit, understanding that if you are offered admission to USNA in the summer, you can decide at that point which of the two institutions to attend.


    Source: BGIS (Blue & Gold Information System)

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