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    I am the proud parent of recent appointee here in CS for the first of this years' three orientations. My first time visit to the academy was even more awe inspiring that I had anticipated. Although there was much about the program and the people there that was impressive and well worth the trip, there was one small simple act that will stay with me.
    Upon getting up to leave breakfast with my son at the academy hotel in the morning, a young man got up from a nearby table and approached my son. He introduced himself and said that he was a second class cadet at the academy. He told my son that he overheard him talking, and knew that he was an appointee here for orientation. He asked my son his name, shook his hand, congratulated him on his appointment, and asked if there were any questions that he could answer for him. This young man displayed the kind of character and leadership that I believed the USAFA embodies, and we experienced it even before the actual orientation began!
    I think my son has made the right choice.......
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    Cadet "presence"

    Your story at the hotel is very familiar. The big thing we noticed last year when we were at orientation with our appointee were the difference in "presence" between appointees and cadets.

    This year our cadet has developed a bit of that "presence" himself.

    I understand and respect those who decide the Academy isn't for them. As a parent, though, it would be pretty hard to not like the way our kids develop at the Academy.

    Best of luck.


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