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    :biggrin:Has anyone started a 2017 Appointment thread yet? I know USNA has one and wondered if one had been started for USMMA.
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    not yet-

    I do not believe the face book page for the USMMA 2017 Appointees has started yet. Last year a few of the students that started the 2016 Appointee (student) page accepted the new students (Appointees) but also let on some older students on the page as well- and a few of those older students ended up being DI's during INDOC:eek:. (That wasn't very cool :thumbdown:) The 2017 student page needs to have JUST 2017 students. This year there are fewer set backs...and no one has started the face book page yet. If anyone hears of an appointee that wants to being the student page, please let me know or post info on the Forum. It's a good thing to "get to know" your future classmates. My 2015 DS communicated with his class before school started... if someone had a ? on where to find the right shoes or how to get the TWIC done they discussed it. Basically they just "met" and "chatted". I hope the tradition continues and the student only 2017 page is created soon.

    The 2017 PARENT face book page is up and running... the link to it is;

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