class of 2020 - bringing or not bringing boots?


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Apr 14, 2016
I would love a tally on if the class of 2020 is planning on bringing boots or not. Although the paperwork states that it is highly recommended to buy and break in boots ahead of time, I get the impression that many are going to wait and get them there. Thanks!
Not bringing any


(But seriously, though, I didn't and was fine. For all appointees, keep in mind that you may not even be able to use them during BCT.)
Bringing some.

I got some to break them in and cause I liked how they looked. Got one blister but otherwise probably would of been fine at BCT without bringing my own.
DD bringing hers - Belleville boots recommended in the appointee instructions
Wearing and bringing. If nothing less get used to exercising and running with a little extra weight. Lots of conflicting info.
I went with "highly recommended" and bought them for my DD. She is running with them now, and already suffering a bit with shin splints. Yikes! It is definitely different than running in nice, comfy running shoes. I find it very odd that the powers that be would "highly recommend" buying boots (and give specific types) and then not allow the cadets to wear them...
After my DS originally rejected the idea saying he didn't want any because he had "nothing to wear" with them, he has now changed his mind and has decided he wants a pair to train in, so yes, he will be taking a pair. :rolleyes:
DD is class of 2019 it was not "highly recommended" for her so we did not bring any. DS is class of 2020, it is "highly recommended" so he will be bringing his.
Good luck finding those "recommended" boots. The Belleville 650 has been discontinued and is no longer available and the other "recommended" model, the 690 flight boot is being phased out and is on back order 3-4 week back order from Belleville. I went to the Los Angeles Air Force Base this weekend to try and buy some with my DS and the uniform store manger told me he wasn't allowed to stock that model even though it is recommend by the Air Force.He said he was sending many people away that were looking for those particular models Most websites I have found do not stock Belleville but drop ship from Belleville once they are ordered.,, and (which all share the same customer service phone number) drop ship from Belleville. I had intended to buy a pair before I-day but now we will wait for them to be issued by the AFA. Be careful and good luck with your search if you are trying to score a pair before I-day.
Yes. Our son is taking boots because this year it was "highly recommended" unlike previous years according to all of the boot topics I have read has some Belleville 650 still available.
DD bought a pair of Belleville 690 and will be bringing them as recommended.
What are your/your dears' opinions on the Belleville 690's? Good boots? Supportive? Good for running? Lightweight? Overall rating? Thanks in advance!
What are your/your dears' opinions on the Belleville 690's? Good boots? Supportive? Good for running? Lightweight? Overall rating? Thanks in advance!
Good, durable boots- but man, it's like having rocks strapped to both of your feet. They take a while to get used to because it is much different than running (or even walking) in normal shoes. When the school year arrives, many people invest in different boots if their squadron allows. My dear Rocky C4Ts have gotten me through many training sessions and a marathon ruck, and are much more lightweight than the "basic boots". A lot of people go with Nike as well.