Class of 2021 PTR Packet

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Thank you! I will go look for that Facebook page!!
BLB page is awesome! A much nicer source of info, run by fab 2020 parents. Some of the other fb pages are plagued with some nasty commenters, most are great, but those bad apples will leave a sour taste in ur mouth!
Congratulations. Get an appt with doctor to get immunization records and any needed shots. Bring two copies of everything to Iday.
Thank you!! He can now begin to complete all of the paperwork. I will also join the FB Parents group. We are feeling so excited but overwhelmed!

Congrats & welcome! BLB page is great source of info as well. Get great info from both! DD will be in 2021 class as well.
Our son was just offered an Appointment today for the class of 2021. Could somebody please share the link to the PTR packet and any additional information that we should know! Thank you!
Welcome aboard. I have a DD in the same class. See you in 48 hours.
Congrats to you and your DD!
My DS just completed plebe year. What a ride!
You can now end every correspondence with...Go Navy Beat Army!

And the BLB facebook page is absolutely awesome.