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    Nov 6, 2015
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    On this New Year's Eve, my thoughts are with the high school juniors, my DS among them, who begin the journey towards (hopefully) a USNA nomination as well as those stout-of-heart juniors, college students, and currently enlisted heroes who have already started. Each of you follow in the footsteps of current candidates who have either secured an appointment, are waiting anxiously to hear news, or who have with God's grace moved on to Plan B.

    May God bless each of you and your families. A new dawn beckons tomorrow and with it a path forward. Three pieces of free advice from this Old Salt. (1) Keep working hard and be true to yourselves. (2) Be patient with us parents. We are taking a step back, following your lead and saying little while praying more than you will ever know. Talk with us. (3) Believe in yourselves and " not afraid...."
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    Well said! My DS followed plan b with an Nrotc scholarship to UW Madison and loves it. Now his sister begins her quest for a USCGA slot for the class of 2021.

    Never imagined I'd be on this roller coaster once let alone twice!

    All the best to those still waiting to hear and for those embarking on this noble adventure. Wherever you land, you will do well.
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    It is well said indeed. The operative word here for many who seek the appointment should be "PATIENCE".

    The overwhelming majority of the information and direction that every candidate will be seeking is right on the respective academies own web site. Additionally, resources as such as the Forum can fill in many of blanks...but don't expect forum moderators, etc. to do your homework for you. What you need to do is clearly spelled out and it would behoove candidates, as well as their parents, to focus on those things that you can control rather than those which are completely out of your control....and this is where you patience will be tested.

    There will come a time when that patience will run thin e.g. where is my NOM, I didn't get an LOA so now what, my poratl hasn't been updated, I haven't heard anything, my BGO is not responding, when will they send appointment letters, etc., etc., etc. IF you do all your homework the answers are all there and it will save you the endless anxiety and stress that is often associated with the process. Do what needs to be done, enjoy this time in your lives which is so fleeting, and if you've done your very best and can say that you did, it will all work out.

    I wish you all well...the journey starts now.

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