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    I'm an applicant to the Class of 2022 at USAFA, USMA, and USNA, and I wanted to know how I stack up to competition. Thank you.

    Current Progress:
    I wanted to understand what my next steps are. I've emailed my Area Coordinator for USNA to find out who my B&G officer is, and I'm waiting to hear back. I've also emailed my USAFA counselor, and Local Liaison Officer, no response yet. Lastly, I've emailed my State Coordinator and my Congressional District Coordinator for West Point, and have gotten a response from my State Coordinator telling me to get in better shape for the CFA and to improve SAT/ACT scores.

    Things about me:

    I'm a junior in Maryland's 3rd District (Sarbanes (Rep.), Cardin (Sen.), and Van Hollen (Sen.)) - If you know any information on them I'd appreciate that as well.

    Current Academy Status:
    I was accepted to SLE (Sess. 1)

    I am listed as an Applicant and that my application is Competitive by Air Force

    I was also wondering if anyone knows when I will get my email about (hopefully positive news) NASS.

    Approximate weighted and unweighted GPA's as of the end of sophomore year:
    UW: 3.63

    SAT: Taken once: 570 Verbal, 580 Math (30 Reading) Essay: Reading 6/8, Writing 6/8, Analysis 5/8;Taking the next one this Saturday
    ACT: Never taken, will take it next month

    Activities as of now:

    3 Years of Symphonic (Advanced) Band, will play in 12th, will try out for Tri-Music Society in 12th
    3 Years of Marching Band, will play in 12th, will be section leader
    2 years of tech with the Spring Musical, will participate in 12th, will apply for MD Thespian Society in 12th
    2 Years of Pit Orchestra in the musical, will play in 12th

    3 years of NJROTC, will participate in 12th
    Cadet LT/JG currently
    Participation in Orienteering, Athletics, Drill

    JV Sports (Grade level):
    Softball (9)
    Basketball (9,10)

    Varsity Sports (Grade level)
    Basketball (11, will play in 12th)

    Will apply for National Honor Society this year
    GSA member

    Need to work on running, push ups, and pull ups/flexed arm hang

    Can someone explain to me how NJROTC nominations work? I want as many possibilities as I can get at a nomination.

    I know this is very lengthy, but I really hope someone can help me out here. Thank you so much.
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    Here are just a few quick thoughts. It is impossible to know how you will compete against candidates next year so no one can really tell you your chances in your state or district.
    • The admission teams are very involved in finishing the class of 2021. You will probably not hear much from that team until the August time frame.
    • Your test scores seem a little low compared to the averages posted. Take the ACT and prep classes.
    • Your class rank and school profile is used more than just your gpa.
    • I understand the time commitment for band, I have a band kid, but each activity is only worth so many points.
    • Your CFA is completely in your control. Practice, practice, practice
    • There is no real leadership positions in your list, seek them out next year
    • Try to get to Girls State
    • NJROTC nominations requires that your unit is designated an "Honor Unit". You are also competition against college kids in that category so it is difficult as they get extra points for college classes
    If you search the forum for something called the RAND report, it will give you an idea how each of the activities are scored. While it is a few years old, it will provide a basic overview of how it works.
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    Thank you so much. I appreciate your advice. USMA 1994
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    To receive a NJROTC nomination to USNA, it isn't necessary for your school's unit to be an Honor Unit. Any JROTC unit can nominate to its respective branch regardless of honor unit status. It is only necessary for a JROTC unit to be an Honor Unit if you want a cross-nomination, ie a nomination from a NJROTC unit to USMA.
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    You seem more band tilted than sports tilted ("Need to work on running, push ups, and pull ups/flexed arm hang.") Become captain this year for bball. Knock the CFA out of the park. Good luck; you are on the right track!