Class of 2022: MORE GOOD LINKS

And, this was the Class of 2021 Permit to Report (PTR) Package. 2022’s will be an updated version. Fifteen pages of To Do/To Bring. These are usually sent out in April.
READ them all and memorize all that you are supposed to. Detailers will move on from those who seem to have their rates down to those who failed to note that there were things that needed to be memorized.
How could I have overlooked a shopping link?

For plebe-to-be families, you’ll have I-Day to dip your toes in the delights of the Mid Store (“Midstrom’s”). Need guest soaps with Bill the Goat? Anything you can slap a logo on with N*, the USNA crest and Bill the Goat, is there. And, there will usually be the shirt and tote bag with the Class of 2022 names on them. They sell out quickly.

Settle in at the laptop and enjoy the link below for online shopping.
Now THIS is helpful!!