Class of 2023 Application Inquiry


Jan 14, 2018
I know this is little too early to ask but I would like to ask these questions to West Point and/or Naval Academy alumnis or recently accepted cadets:

1. The West Point's (and Naval Academy as well I believe) requirement elaborates that I need a teacher recommendations from English, PE (along with CFA), Science, and Math. However, I would like to also get one from my history teacher in my sophomore year (and of course, he's one of my teachers who knows me extremely well and I already talked to him about the recommendation) as I'm planning on majoring/applying for politics/humanities/history-related fields. But my question is, can I add in another recommendations besides English, PE, Science, and Math teachers?

2. Just curious, I know that West Point and pretty much all the service academies are well-known for all the majors/fields, but if you are currently a cadet majoring in politics/history/humanity fields, may I ask how it is?

3. When I met my school counselor, he told me that my school does not rank... Should the application ask for class rank, what should I do?

Thank you so much and any help would be greatly appreciated!
Your desired major has nothing at all to do with application process or letters of recommendation. SAs are STEM heavy for all ergo the math/science emphasis on letters.

Lots of HS don't rank nowadays - don't sweat it but make sure you take and retake SAT and ACT for best superscore.

As for extra letters - just follow the instructions, you will also need letters for your congressman as part of the nomination app so check those rqts too.
You do not really get "letter" from the teachers as part of the application process. The Academy will send them something more closely to a survey that they complete. The Academies also identify what type of teachers they want to complete these forms.

The "Letters" are really required for the MOC nomination and that process is usually a little more difficult. As suggested, you should start checking on that process now.
My school does not rank so you are not alone.

Same here. Though when I asked my RC about it he said “most schools that ‘don’t rank’ just do not inform the student of their rank. We have our ways of getting what we want.” So even if our schools don’t rank, I believe USMA may contact guidance or otherwise assume your rank from your test scores.