class rank and GPA


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Jul 28, 2008
The importance of class rank and GPA have been mentioned frequently on this board. I attend a very competitive high school in the chicago suburbs. Most schools have done away with class rank in our area but mine still uses it. The majority of my classes have been honors or AP and I have done especially well in Math and Physics. There are however many in my school that "play the GPA/class rank game" and take regularly weighted courses pass/fail. I never did that and as a consequence ranked only 95 out of 500 plus students with a weighted GPA of 3.8. My ACT scores in English and Math were strong (30 and 34--composite of 32,) I am a 3 year varsity soccer player, who is very involved in fine arts-especially choir and other ECA's. Given my strengths I hope that my class rank (in the top 20%) is not a huge detriment to my chances for appointment. Can anyone comment on this?