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    So I just finished up sophomore year and I'm going into junior year (2012-2013).

    How important is class rank? cause my school is a silver medalist high school and we don't weight. So people taking easy classes have higher GPA's than those taking harder classes with lower GPA's. How do the SA's view this?

    Also, how do the SA's view school's with different grading scales? because my school considers A's as 4.0 and A-'s as 3.7. But in other schools around my district they consider A's and A-'s as both 4.0
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    Please be sure to read the "sticky notes' on this forum board for USMA as you can find answers to your questions.

    For example, below is the answer directly from the "sticky notes":

    GPA v Class Rank:
    - class rank is weighted heavier than GPA
    - if your school doesn't rank, WP will take your ACT/SAT scores, compare them to the National scores to get an idea on how you stack up next to your peers
    - even if your school says they don't rank, sometimes they will give WP a rank

    Good luck!!
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    30% of your WCS is class rank. I don't know how they make it when scores are not weighted. But I understand that, as a general rule, GPA is NOT used to score your WCS... But perhaps they have some different system for your situation. I am sure you are not the first person in that situation (I do remember seeing people asking that question before more than once, so I believe the USMA has that figured out).

    If this is something of concern and you can't find it in the forums after a search, I am sure your MALO/FFR/Admissions Officer/Someone at Admissions will be able to answer any questions you might have.

    Best of luck!
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    I am interested in how WP "adjusts" class rank depending on the strength or ranking of the school as a whole. DS is hopeful of a positive adjustment, he is in a strong school system here in the northeast. He has fairly good ACT-31, with 33-english, 33-reading, 30-science and 28-math. He is a recruited athlete and passed his CFA at SLS. The reason for the concern is his class rank is 130 of 354. Since class rank is so important, is this a problem? Thanks for your thoughts.

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