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    I have heard they strongly rely on class rank for admissions. Any suggestions when you are in an ultra competitive school and are only in the top 29% with a 3.7 uw gpa? That was one of the questions he was asked in the Senate interviews. They asked why his class rank was so low with that gpa. He has a 32 on ACT, Eagle Scout, co-captain of swim team and some other good things on his resume.

    Some things that have hurt his rank was he got a B freshmen and sophomore years in honors English and they are not weighted classes when many of the kids ahead of him took regular English. I do think it helped his ACT score so there was some benefit. I also realize a 3.7 isn't that high, but just seems that many people on here have higher ranks with similar gpas. I just worry this is a weakness that is hard to do much about.
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    USAFA does look at the school's profile. If the average student drops out or if they go on to an Ivy will make a difference!

    How much the admissions boards weight school profiles is not something they publish, so I can't tell you exactly. However, if many students in your son's school go on to difficult universities, it will likely help.

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