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    I was wondering if anyone has further info on daily cadet life, specifically class schedules. Are cadets in class straight from morning to afternoon with only lunch in the middle? Is it the same schedule M-F or is it similar to civilian colleges with alternating days?

    Thank you.
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    As a member of the class of 2019, my schedule is fairly decent. The amount of classes and timeline can really depend on if you are a recruited athlete (corp squad) or not. The people who make the schedules try to front load all corp squads' classes in the morning so they can go to practice in the afternoon. As for me, I'm in the later pool. I usually have 2-3 classes in the morning and 2 classes in the afternoon. You can have some hours off and take the time to get some homework done, or sleep. It seems like a lot in one day but it goes by quickly.
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