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    Currently, I am a sophomore in high school, and I do fairly well in school. So far, through 2 years (estimating grades at the end of this year) I would have achieved all A+'s in math courses, A's/ A+'s in science courses, A/A+ in history, and A-/B+ in english classes. Mind that all of my classes are honors level.

    I am not too concerned about any of my classes expect for english. Does it look bad that I received an A- my freshman year and then did worse sophomore year with a B+? Additionally, does it look bad to receive A's every quarter in a class and then get a B/B+ on a final but still end up with an overall grade of an A?

    Also, next year I am only taking one english class and not two. I would have to take two honors courses in order to be able take AP english senior year. By only taking one english next year, this would force me to take a normal class senior year, or I could go to a local college/take an online english course. My question here is would it be better to end up with AP english senior year or end up taking an english course at a college?

    Additionally, I will be taking AP calc 1 +2 next year (junior). This would leave me with no math class senior year unless I look prob + stat. Therefore, would it be better to take prob + stat senior year or go to a college for calc 3?

    Lastly, I am very interested in engineering and my school offers several classes. All of these engineering classes are honors and sponsered by PLTW (Project lead the way). I currently plan to take the highest course they offer but I may opt for more courses like AP bio/ advanced chem. Therefore, would it be better to take the engineering classes or complete more classes like AP bio/ advanced chem. I realize you probably can't answer the questions because you aren't on the board but if you could tell me what you think, that would be great!

    My grades seem somewhat okay besides the B, but my class rank is probably around 10 or so out of 200. Also, I got a 1600 on my SAT when I took it freshman year, but I hope to take it at least twice more.

    I will name some of my leadership activities below, but I am somewhat worried that I don't have enough!

    Boy Scouts
    Roadside cleanup manager for FBLA
    Leader of a future business (an investor liked my groups's pitch for a product in an entrepreneur class and now we are working to make it happen)
    Hopefully class president
    Hopefully boys states next year

    Track and field
    Ski club
    Reading olympics

    I am also kind of worried about ECs because I have a few but maybe I need more? As for sports, I am not on varsity track or golf. This probably hurts me. I am trying really hard to get on varsity next year and hope to do cross county too.

    Any tips or advice about what I should do? I would really like to go to USNA in the future, and I am trying to get as much information about what I should be doing as possible. Thank you!
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    You are doing good so far. Make sure you get Eagle before you apply.
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    Ok I'll try to address all your questions, so it's going to be a long answer.
    Though ideally you would want all A's I know, it's not the end of the world. The Academies generally favor mathematics and science classes more so than English, so since it's the English class that you're worried about, don't panic too much.

    Ok for this one, please note that I am taking from experience rather than actual fact. I had the same choice to take English at a local Community College or AP and I ended up taking the AP class due to the fact that the Community College had a bad rep when it came time to submit the school profile of the college to the Academy (graduation rate, average SAT scores, etc.). Whether or not that helped me, I don't know, but that's what me and my B&G reasoned with.

    Once again I was in the same boat (so I'm going off experience again). I took BC Calculus (Calc 1+2) junior year and ended taking up AP Stat/Prob. senior year and ended up fine. My advice is that as long as the class is 1) an AP class and 2) shows the academy you're trying to challenge yourself and not just slide by with an easy senior year, you should be good to go.

    Alright I feel like I'm talking to a younger version of myself again. I took both Introduction to Engineering through PLTW and took AP Chem. Both are excellent classes that look good to the academy. Though if you had to pick between one or the other, I would go with AP Chem. Even though you might like engineering and want to do that, if you go to the academy, EVERYONE has to take Plebe Chemistry and AP Chem helped me out so much that I was able to validate Plebe Chemistry and move straight to Physics (best decision I've ever made)

    For boy scouts, if you can make it to Eagle Scout, that's a huge plus! Overall try to get involved in as much as possible (church, more volunteer service projects, etc.) cause you can never do too much to impress the review board. That being said, don't do more than you can handle to where grade begin to drop.

    Always push to do your best. Yes, varsity looks good, but so does participation in these sports as well. Do your best, if you make varsity, Awesome! If not, don't worry about it, keep your head up, you still have everything else going for ya.

    Hope all of this helps, best of luck to ya. Also to Blue and Gold Officers, most of what I said is based off of experience from my application, if you would like to correct something, please do so.
    - Class of '17 Mid

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