Coast Guard Station Charleston - fun today!


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Sep 24, 2008
Guess what I did today? My husband and I went with our son to Charleston where he had an interview for the honors college at a college there. Before the interview, we had some extra time so we went to the gate at the Coast Guard Station and asked for a tour. The folks there were SO kind and they seemed just delighted to accomodate us by giving us an appointment for later in the day. We went to lunch and then went back to the station.

We enjoyed getting to know a few of the Coasties on duty and then were blessed with a tour of an 87 and a 110, watch a fast boat go out on a case, and just generally have a good time hearing the stories of the Coasties who were stationed there.

The 87 was by far our favorite. On each boat we got to see the bridge, the galley, the crew quarters, etc. Each of us was impressed by something different... but I tell you, the thing that made my day was the look on my son's face when he stepped up into the bridge on that 87!

What a nice bunch of folks we have serving in the US Coast Guard! All of the ones we spoke to loved their jobs and had plans to further their education, knew what stations/assignments they hoped to have next, and were just, really, the nicest people you could meet. Especially considering that it was Friday afternoon... they couldn't have been more welcoming.

Now if only the Academy will send my son that big white envelope so that he can be on his way to joining the finest folks in service!
MW thanks for the note. That's great to share. Those 87' bridges are pretty snazzy aren't they? I'm sure the crew at STA Charleston appreciated you showing interest in their work. Station Charleston is not an exception to the rule; you will find that empowerment and pride in a Coastie's work where ever you go. :thumb:
Aw, thank you LineintheSand.... I surely didn't edit my

post very well, but I guess my intent came across. We certainly did enjoy the day and look forward to knowing our darling son will be working with such fine folk!