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Discussion in 'Coast Guard Academy - USCGA' started by USCGA_2018, Jan 15, 2014.

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    I can't say enough positive things about the professional and personal touch displayed by the Coast Guard and the USCGA in regards to my DS's opportunity to attend this SA and join this branch of service.

    There have been several little things that really start to add up. A New Year greeting email from a coach; an email from a Phd professor in the Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering department; emails and phone calls from CGA alumni; and continued communication and coordination with his AO.

    The "wow" for my son came when he received a call from the 5th District Commander, RADM Steven H. Ratti to arrange for a visit to Portsmouth, VA and/or Elizabeth City, NC to visit and experience these CG operations. That really charged him up.

    I believe that overnight visits to West Point and New London in late February or early March will be the final part of the evaluation process. These are two great academies with different, yet equally important service missions. Tough choice for him.

    I've heard many folks refer to the CG and CGA as being part of a family. I can definitely feel that, even as a parent, just from AIM and the application process.

    I can only hope that my DS truly appreciates the wonderful opportunities that await him. And I especially hope that he will live up to the high expectations and standards set by all those who have gone before him in service to our great country.
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    My husband (not sure of the abbreviation used on this forum) was in the Coast Guard. He had a very interesting career path - AFROTC at a state university, commissioned as an Air Force Officer, left active duty, went to OCS for the Coast Guard and commissioned as a Coast Guard officer.

    Our first assignment was Elizabeth City, NC and then he was assigned to the Coast Guard Academy in New London, CT. Both assignments were wonderful and the families we met were incredible.

    We had great experiences with the Air Force as well, but I have to say the Coast Guard is a tighter family. I really enjoyed our time at the Academy. Our children were small at the time and our daughter performed in a play with the cadets. All the cadets were just great with her and made it such a positive experience. We went to different concerts and events at the Academy and always enjoyed it.

    New London is in a great location between Boston and NYC so when the cadet's get leave or their families come to visit - there are cool East Coast things to do. Good Luck! You won't regret your decision if you choose to go there.
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    CGA all the way! :)

    Haven't been on this forum for quite some time. (DD is CGA 2015) I am reminded from your post of a similar time in our lives. I can't say for sure how your DS will feel, but I can tell you that my daughter is VERY glad she chose CGA over other academies...and it wasn't her first choice at the beginning of the process. When I asked her if she was interested in an exchange year at that "other" academy, she quickly responded in the negative, saying that she didn't want to miss anything at CGA. Big fish in a little pond. :)
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    A bunch of big fish in a small pond makes a very cozy experience. My classmates who went on exchange enjoyed their time, but also missed CGA and were happy to return.

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