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    I'm already a college student but it's tech school. Iv'e already done one semester and my GPA was 3.0. I took three core classes and made a B in all of them. I only looked into colleges that have ROTC today. My tech school ddoesn'toffer that. I really wanted to go to uni but I'd never been able to afford that. The thing is I'm not sure how to apply for the scholarship for uni with ROTC. They want SAT or ACT and highschool GPA. I don't have that. I did online school and when I tried to go back to public they never sent my transcripts. It was a mess and I missed two months so my counselor said I was smart enough just to take my GED and go to college anyway. I was wondering since I have Math, Psych, and English college credits, is there any way to get around needing those scores since they use the scores to gauge how good you would do in college.
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    I would suggest talking to admissions at a few of the colleges you are interested in. They will be able to tell you how to get admitted without those scores and whether or not you can apply for college based merit scholarships. You can also take the SAT/ACT now I believe.
    The National Army ROTC scholarships are for those coming out of high school. Since you have been out of HS, I don't think you can apply for those, however, if you get admitted to a college and take ROTC courses, you may qualify for a campus based ROTC scholarship. Your best bet, after you talk to Admissions to see if you can get admitted with a GED and no SAT/ACT, is to make an appointment with the ROTC department and discuss the best way to go about getting a scholarship. There are a few other things you can do like the SMP (Simultaneous Membership) but I am not familiar enough with those to give you any details.
    Good luck and stick with it!
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