College Applicant Questions


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Jul 13, 2017
Hello everyone,

I am a college applicant to USNA for c/o 2022 and had a few questions. First, I was wondering how they view applicants in college that did not apply in high school? I graduated high school this past year and will be a college freshman. As well, will it hurt being under scholarship with Army ROTC? Lastly, how will a grade trade off with going to a SMC appear? I'm going to VMI this year and will be a rat, not to say that I won't be trying academically, just speaking from looking at statistics of how things typically work out. Lastly, does anyone know the typical statistics of admissions for college students as compared to high school students? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for all replies.
Try the pinned post at the top of the page for some preliminary guidelines on reapplicants. Also your AC may/may not help to give some guidance, and the USNA website has a general outline for what they expect of reapplicants as well.

Also following because I'm curious about the stats as well
Good gouge in the sticky above ... a lot of applicants have some college/prep school experience, and Admissions will look closely at how well you performed in a rigorous STEM curriculum. I don't think Army ROTC scholarship will hurt at all -- there is an unwritten (perhaps written) rule against poaching from other Service Academies, but wouldn't expect it to extend to ROTC. VMI is a great school (was actually one of my PLan B's years ago), and if you do well there ..Admissions will notice.

The big question (and you might want to address in your personal statement) is why didn't you apply to USNA out of High School ?
DS was a college-reapplicant who was wait-listed in 2016 and received his appointment in 2017. IMHO which branch of ROTC isn't an issue. Getting A's on that first semester transcript is crucial. Without it, you'll have a tough time getting strong evals from your calculus and english profs. And you may make it tough for the CO to write a strong LOR for the ROTC nomination.