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Aug 19, 2008
So does anyone know how differently they evaluate applicants who are in college? I currently go to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and am in my junior year. I have submitted my medical stuff and am medically qualified, my grades are decent, and I have a pretty good high school record. ACT: 32
Math: 36
Reading: 29
English: 32
GPA was around 3.9 on a weighted scale.
Involved here and there in high school. A lot more involved in college.
My main worries are my CFA and my congressional nomination. How much do they weigh the CFA? I did my CFA with the ROTC Commander here and...well let's just say it wasn't the best I could have done and they ended up sending me a letter telling me I should do it again...I don't plan on becoming a pilot due to my vision but I definitely would like to go into intelligence or missile command.
Do they weigh college applicants a little differently then high school applicants?
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tennisfan, I am in the same boat as you and in college. To answer your question, the CFA is weighted pretty heavily. The elevations pretty high out in Colorado Springs, so your fitness is very important. Take it again and try to atleast make the averages for each excercise. I believe you can view those on the Academy's website.
To answer you're other question, yes, you are looked differently upon than a high school student. The board is actually able to better guage your academic aptitude because they'll be able to better see how you do at the college level. If you have good grades at your university say a 3.5 or better and your taking rigorous courses, you should be in good shape on that part of the spectrum. Just remember that if you are fortunate enough to get in, you'll be starting all over as a freshman. , Good luck, steven