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    If a cadet is not qualified for assession into the Air Force but has a good GPA and no conduct issues, what type of discharge will he get? Are there military waivers that would allow him to apply at college for free? If his exception is not approved, we need to have plan “B” in place. Applying for colleges now for the fall 2018 semester.

    Also, it is my understanding that he can apply as a dependent since he has been active duty at the academy since June 2016.

    Any insight on this would be appreciated.
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    Are you saying your cadet is being forced to separate for non-academic and non-conduct issues? Or is he considering to voluntarily withdraw?
    As a C3C, your cadet has not committed yet and can voluntarily resign (Form 34) and would then be free to pursue other paths, assuming he is not prior enlisted.

    Regarding plan B, your cadet should contact the admissions counselor and financial aid office of the colleges he wants to apply to learn about need-based waivers and if he qualifies. I know nothing about "military waivers" that would allow him to apply for free, but even if there is such a thing, I'm skeptical that they would be intended for a current cadet at a Service Academy. Perhaps someone with experience in this area can chime in?
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    The DVA has very specific rules on veteran classifications and eligibility for veteran benefits, which is what I am guessing you might mean by “military waiver.” Service academy cadets and midshipmen are specifically addressed.

    Much depends on how the time at USAFA is classified. Active duty, yes, but the time is probably characterized as “training” or “under instruction.”

    I dug these references up quickly, so you will want to start research there. Most major cities and counties have veterans’ benefits officers with certified counselors who know the benefits. I know the issue has come up here on SAF before, and I think the answer was “not eligible,” but it’s worth researching and getting the current, accurate answer.

    And, each state has its own veterans agency, veterans department or veterans affairs group, which determines eligibility for that state’s benefits, different from Federal DVA above. Some states are looser in their definition of eligible veteran, when it comes to SA cadets and mids. It’s worth researching. Some states just want to see a DD-214 and don’t look too closely.

    Type of discharge, assuming it’s voluntary, or involuntary for innocuous reasons, will be an administrative separation rather than a punitive. It should be either General, Under Honorable Conditions, or Honorable. Again, there are regulations about this, related to type and length of service, and USAFA will follow established precedent.
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