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    So I am currently a freshman in a NROTC unit in RPI. I reapplied from last year and received and accepted my appointment last week.

    My question is this: First semester I took 21 credits to fulfill my Mech. Engineering major requirements as well as my ROTC requirements. Second semester, not knowing whether or not I would be at the academy, I decided to take 23 credits to fulfill those same requirements plus the beginning of a potential minor (in management). As you can imagine, on top of ROTC obligations and other clubs/activities, 23 credits has become particularly stressful. Now that I know that I will be attending the academy (barring an extreme circumstances that might occur), I wish to drop two of my classes (8 credits): my very time-consuming management class and my hardest RPI-engineering specific class (I must decide and do this by the semester drop deadline:March 26). I want to do this to relieve a lot of my stress, have more time for clubs/activities/social-life-before-academy, and worry less. From my perspective, these two classes will have no lasting effect once I leave RPI and go to the academy (i.e. credits or validation at USNA). As per RPI-policy, these dropped classes will not show up on my transcript. It will appear to be as if I never took them.

    Your opinion: good decision? will the academy be disappointed in 14 credits in my spring semester (made up of Calc II, Physics, Naval History, and Amphibious Warfare) having already taken 21 credits in my fall semester (Calc I, Chemistry, Engineering Design/CAD, Writing in the Classroom/Career, Intro to Naval Science, and Engineering Analysis). Any other comments?

    Thanks for your thoughts, I appreciate it.


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