College GPA


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Dec 12, 2017
Hello All,

I am a college applicant to the class of 2022. I was wondering what is considered an 'average' or 'acceptable' GPA to gain an appointment. I'm on a type-1 AFROTC currently and my class rank in AFROTC is 1/34. I have a very competitive packet in every aspect except for my first semester GPA is a 3.2. Will this hold be back from an appointment? I'm not sure exactly what is considered competitive to USAFA. I found a lot of data for high school GPAs but not for college. Any insight is appreciated.
I can't really say with much certainty what average or competitive is, but as I understand it, if you're studying a more technical major (STEM, especially engineering) and you're at a highly ranked university, a 3.2 GPA is certainly not a bad or noncompetitive GPA. I'm in a similar situation as yours, I'm reapplying from college with a 3.38 GPA in an engineering major at a highly ranked engineering school, and I've been told my GPA is good enough (especially given that the average graduating GPA for my major at my school is a 2.5). I don't know exactly how competitive it for the Academy, but a 3.2 is still high enough to qualify you for most higher-end college scholarships, internships, and co-op positions, so I would imagine that you're in good academic shape.
My DD was a re-applicant who earned an appointment with a very similar GPA taking challenging STEM classes.