College Re-apps 2nd Sem Sched / Grades


Jan 27, 2016
Question: I know that re apps are reviewed later. Can any successful re-apps weigh in on to what extent the Academy required 2nd semester sched and / or grades. I took business calc first semester and managed to get a B without having a lot of math background in high school. Now, my teacher is advising me to take pre-calc 2nd semester to help fill some gaps but I don't want to get penalized for doing this.
Our DS was a successful re-app; his first semester grades were sent after the first of the year (the first week school resumed I believe). He received a LOA in mid February (he had a dodmerb requirement to finish) and an appointment followed in mid March. USNA did not ask for second semester grades as far as he knows. His second semester finished up second week in May. He was/is an aero major so he was heavy in all the stem requirements.
USNA did not require second semester grades for my successful reapplicant. But having said that, in this process, anything is possible. Good luck to you