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    I was an applicant for the class of 2019 and was not accepted however I received a nomination and was medically qualified. I intend to reapply for USNA class of 2020 but I want to make sure that my schedule properly models what a plebes schedule might look like.

    I am currently enrolled at NC State University where I am attending 6 weeks of summer classes where I am taking the following classes:

    Chem 101

    Chem 102 (lab)


    introductory course in engineering computing programs

    Total Credit hours: 8

    I also have quite a few credits from AP classes.

    In the fall I will be a member of the NROTC unit here at NCSU. I am worried my fall schedule does not properly follow what a plebe would do so I was hoping someone could give me some insight. My TWE stated take Calc I, II, or III, Chem I and II w/ a lab, Physics I and II w/ lab and that "more advanced courses in math, science, and engineering will bolster an application”

    Here is currently the classes I’m enrolled in for the fall of 2015:

    Calc I (4 credit hours)

    Physics I (3 credit hours)

    Physics I lab (1 credit hour)

    Engineering 101 w/ lab (1 credit hour)

    Introduction to Naval Science (2 credit hours)

    Solar System Astronomy (3 credit hours)

    Some kind of health class required by the university (1 credit hour)

    Total: 15 credit hours

    I signed up for the astronomy because it sounded interesting to me and it put me up to 15 hours. Should I try to take a foreign language or a history instead? I validated English classes here at NCSU as I got a 5 on AP Literature. Please let me know if this schedule models what a plebe might do and keep in mind that I will also have 8 credit hours from my summer school session. I know that this is a lot to read and thanks for any help regarding this post.

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