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    I was an applicant with the USNA class of 2019 but got a TWE. I was fortunate enough to receive a full 4 year NROTC Scholarship, however I feel that for me personally USNA is still the better fit (I really want the total immersion experience and I feel that I personally would thrive more in an environment where everyone is experiencing the same hardships as I am).

    My major concern is that when I talk to my CO in ROTC, my ROTC unit and leadership will not be supportive of me/will ostracize me for wanting to leave ROTC for USNA.

    I understand fully that there is not any one commissioning source that is better than the rest and that regardless of how you earned your commission, your success in the fleet depends on your performance in the fleet, but I also understand that each source may be a better fit for particular individuals.

    Is there a significant population of USNA mids who left a ROTC Scholarship to go to USNA? What is the best way to approach my CO about this situation? If someone who went through what I am going through could speak from their own experience I would be very grateful.
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    That is exactly what I am thinking about right now. I am about to start NROTC at Penn State in August and will be re-applying to USNA. As you said, I know there are many commissioning sources but USNA is my dream school and I would be very, very lucky to be able to go there. Now I am wondering on whether I should tell my CO up front as soon as I get to school, or wait until later.
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    There is no right or wrong answer, unfortunately. I would recommend, if you can, to demonstrate your work ethic/commitment to the unit before stating that you will reapply to USNA. A lot of your application can be done without having your NROTC unit immediately involved. However, if you are asked, I would not hide it.

    Be able to answer why you want USNA over NROTC....again there isn't a right or wrong answer and most COs will not care one way or the other, especially if you show you are going for the right reasons AND you have shown that you are a hard worker and team player.
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    If your NROTC Unit Commander is a Naval Academy Grad..its a whole easier. He/She will understand. However, I agree with the comments above--develop your reputation and get squared away quickly. If you aren't a stellar ROTC member, the best the Skipper can give is a lukewarm recommendation. When it comes time to have the talk, don't disparage ROTC but be prepared to explain why you want to make the change. Any good leader will understand support you.
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    Agree with comments of Old Navy BGO. Not NROTC to Navy, but AROTC to USMA. My PMS was not a USMA grad, but APMS was a USMA grad. Both were supportive. At the same time they were not supportive of a fellow AROTC cadet trying to transfer/convert to NROTC Marine option. Worked with a USMA candidate that reapplied while enrolled in a AROTC program. The PMS told the candidate that he will convince/show the candidate that the AROTC is the way to go. The candidate still applied to USMA and the PMS endorsed that candidate's application. My recommendation is to approach your NROTC chain of command in late fall about your plan to reapply. Participating the NROTC program and having several months of college expeirence might change your mind or allow you to better articulate your desire to attend the Naval Academy (i.e. NROTC program is great, College life is good/bad). My rational was I wanted more miltiary related experience/enviornment than what the AROTC program offered. My rational was solid as I participated in all the AROTC activities.

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