Communication with Admissions Officer

Dec 26, 2017
As his senior year starts to wind down, my DS has started to receive a lot of awards from his school and other places, most coming with certificates. He has an LOE and a Nom for USMA. My question is, How often should he been communicating with his Admissions Officer? I told him I thought it was a good idea to communicate frequently and also to send scanned copies of the awards he is receiving. Any thoughts?
Is he 3Q? If he has finished everything there is no real reason to keep updating the RC on his packet. If he is missing one area, he should be communicating as much as needed to get it resolved.

If he is 3Q then I would imagine that his appointment will be coming soon.
Many who are 3Q with a NOM will not get an appointment, there is no guarantee of that. LOE is NOT an LOA.

Having an ongoing dialog with the Admissions Officer is not necessary. It does not improve someone's chance for an appointment.

LOA + 3Q + NOM = Appointment
LOE + 3Q + NOM = Wait and See

Communicate to update file and ask legitimate questions, but do not be a pest. I like the rule of three + 1:
  1. Initial communication to to introduce yourself and get guidance
  2. Second communication after application is complete to express interest and get feedback on where you stand
  3. If no appointment after 1st or 2nd wave a third contact to reiterate interest and inquire about chances
+ 1: As much communication as necessary to address specific issues to which answers are not available on the website or elsewhere. You are expected to search publicly available sources before asking - RC's are busy.

DO NOT initiate communication that is clearly intended to gain face time - while that can work in the civilian world, it will backfire in the military world.
Great info. He is 3Q + NOM + LOE. We are hopeful for an appointment. As a business owner I appreciate when applicants stay in touch with me so I didn’t know if RC’s felt the same.

I read the post wrong as an LOA the first time so I would modify my advice to what the others have said.

The RCs are usually pretty forthcoming about where candidates sit on their nomination slate if he would ask. Most candidates with an MOC nomination are waiting for the application window to close and the slate to be resolved.

t will probably be a few more weeks before he hears anything.