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    Our state senators do not duplicate nominations, although some of congressmen's offices do, so the best scenario possible is that an applicant may get a 2 noms from the MOC (1 senator and 1 congressman) in the state.

    Do the SA notify the MOC about Applicants that are DQs (for whatever reason), and if so, is the MOC allowed to submit additional applicant names to fill "DQ" nomination slots after Jan 31? Is there a final timeline the MOC must meet?

    Should the Applicant (who might have gotten 1 or 2 noms) contact the MOC to let them know they are interested in being nominated if a slot unexpectedly becomes available?

    Obviously more noms to the same or even different SAs mean more chances for appointment.

    These forums are so helpful, thanks for taking the time to answer this question!

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