Community Service


Dec 16, 2016
I know there isn't anything on USNA application asking for how many community service hours they have but would it help in telling USNA how many hours I have? Any advice/suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!
Karebear some may disagree with me on this but the number of hours someone does doing community service is not really valuable for this short of an application. More important is why you volunteered and what your service did to better the community and yourself. The only reference to a number personally that I would recommend is if it can show a pattern or longevity. Many people focus too much on numbers and forget the why when it comes to this application. The value is not in how many hours you volunteered, or sports you played, or groups you captained/presided over. What they are looking for is how did you impact others and who are you are as an individual and as a team player.
You nailed it Navy Dad. I'm a freshman hoping to go to the Academy so I'm definitely not the most knowledgeable source of information but from what I've been able to gain insight on, they want to see what you did to impact and change your community for the better. Basically everybody that is competitive for a SA appointment is likely going to be team captains, flight commanders, and presidents of their clubs, etc. You need to show them what makes you more qualified and why they should pick you. Set goals for yourself and your team that are difficult yet achievable. They want to see you do things you thought you couldn't do or that are outside of your comfort zone but you did it anyways and came out the other side stronger. Along those same lines, they want to see how YOU motivated others to accomplish things they though they couldn't do. For example, I am considering organizing a 5K next spring that will hopefully bring my community together and show leadership skills seeing as you have to organize getting permits, security, run ads, get T-shirts, and whole bunch of other stuff. Please don't think I'm trying to boast because I'm not. I think I might have ran off subject but hopefully that makes sense and is of some help. Sorry for any grammatical errors. Good luck!
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