Company Assignments Out


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Jun 9, 2006
The company assignments for swab summer(and beyond) have been mailed out to the appointees. These will give you a clue as to when you will be sailing on Eagle. Have any of you guys gotten yours yet? They are also available on line at the site. Just 19 days to R-day!:biggrin:
Yep, Im in Bravo Company. Anyone else? I report at 0700.
Nicely Done! You time has come, good luck to you! :w00t:
Any idea when and where you will be sailing on the Eagle?
Alfa company here, looks like we'll be reporting at the same time hhsxc. 7am, bright and early.

first time swabs go on Eagle is end of July, the 29th i think. I assume that alfa, bravo, charlie go first, so we'll both be going then.
You'll probably be flown down to Miami on the KC-130 on Friday the 27th.