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    Someone told me that they know a person at West Point who's company PFT standard is a 13:00 2 mile. That time seems really, really fast to me to be setting as a bare minimum, so I must ask, are there really companies at WP with PFT standards that high? Also, how high are most of the companies' PFT standards?
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    Also, does anyone know average company standards for females?
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    As a cadet (AROTC) we had to meet minimums or were relegated to remedial PT every MWF (yawn). Our specialty teams and those who went on to Air Assault and Airborne schools were held to a much higher standard. In the spring, our PT standards were raised every month, think 60, 70, 80, 90% so just about everyone was in remedial PT before flying up to Advanced Camp during summer. Notably, we had no failures.

    I imagine there are some companies who reserve the right to hold members to higher standards, like 80-85%. These are likely traditions from decades past. I know at Navy each company is different and many have very old traditions, roles to play at Annapolis. PT standards may be part of this.

    At VTech, the Army PMS publishes averages for each year, including GPA and test scores. Imagine the peer pressure and accountability to do well (keeping yourself out of the lower half).
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    Companies are not allowed to alter the APFT standard. That maybe a standard they use to exempt folks from a company PT program or something, but it's not an actual standard. Fear not.
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    I don't know anything about the PFT (or company) standards. I do know that as a Plebe you will have a Yearling Team Leader. If you are not doing well on the PFT, you will train more often with your TL. Trust me -- the TL doesn't want to be up at 4 or 5 am training/running with their Plebe any more than you do. When you are a Yearling, you will appreciate having a Plebe that is making standards.

    Just keep running between now and R-day, especially hills and in all types of weather. If you are a non-runner, this is something to focus and improve on.
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    Company standards are just that, company standards. They may be more strict for competition reasons against other companies, prep for an event, peer pressure, team building and just plain being social. It has no bearing on AFPT. Go and enjoy pushing yourself forward, feeling the air rush in your lungs, feel the endorphins popping and have a good time.

    Push Hard, Press Forward
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    No company has a 13:00 two mile standard. That's five seconds short of maxing the event. Most companies have a "company standard" of a 270 of the APFT. You can look up how APFTs are scored to get an idea of what you would need for a 270. Generally, if you do not meet this company standard on a diagnostic test, you'll run remedial PT sessions in the morning to try and get your score up before the official test.
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    13:00 is the max for 17-21 year old males.
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