Competitive Application?


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Dec 8, 2022
Good morning, everyone. I'm a freshman in a big high school (4k+ students), and I want to attend USAFA or USNA. I've done my fair share of research into SA applications and the process, but I want to hear what people with SA experience think of how my current "resume" looks.

  • IB Student
  • 4.00 unweighted GPA, 4.94 weighted GPA
  • 1 AP Class (taking 5 next year)
  • Taking algebra 2 honors and chemistry honors, taking AP pre-calculus and physics honors next year, and taking AP calculus junior year, IB math analysis senior year, and IB physics upperclassman years
  • 1300 PSAT score
  • Swimming (my school doesn't have JV swimming, so technically varsity??)
  • Starting cross country practice this month to compete next year (same situation with JV)
  • Trying out for volleyball and/or baseball next year (the "ball" sports at my school DO have JV and varsity)
I'm not sure if my school offers varsity letters (which I've heard are important for SAs), so I'd have to figure that out.

  • Key Club member (ran for board, didn't get it, running again next year)
  • Student Government representative (not an elected position, pretty much just a volunteer to help out at school activities. Ran for board, but didn't get it, also running again next year)
  • Running for class secretary for next year
  • Model UN member (ran for board, not sure if I got it, but likely not)
  • Civil Air Patrol cadet, flight sergeant (I'm in charge of a flight, aka. "platoon" in non-USAF terms, of all the prospects/new cadets, helping them out with the basics of the program, training them, mentoring, etc.). I also plan on applying to CAP flight scholarships once I'm eligible so I can get flight hours and a PPL
  • Working on starting a JROTC unit at my school, but I'm unsure if it will happen
  • Applying to join NHS next year (I already have a ton of hours through the CAP that I haven't submitted yet, so I'll hopefully be eligible to join NHS once I submit them)
  • Applying to join MAO (math honor society) next year
  • Considering applying to join PBC (science honor society) or physics club next year
  • Started attending First Priority meetings late this year, going to be a full member next year (planning on running for board next year)
A lot of this stuff is what I PLAN to do, so it's not 100% certain. I know that as classes get harder, I'll have less time for sports/extracurriculars, but I guess I'll figure it out somehow. Any advice/suggestions? Thanks!
You are on a good path. Athletics. Academics. Leadership. That is the triad that gets "judged". Boys/Girls State. Venture Crew. Billy Mitchell Award. Varsity letters. Consider The Congressional Award, it will capture your volunteer, personal development, and athletics in an award presented from Congress. Volunteer Fireman, lifeguard, camp counselor, etc. Great ACT/SAT scores.