"Competitive Status" for USNA?

Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by TheJrder, Jun 28, 2014.

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    I've put in applications to USNA and USAFA and when I heard back from USAFA, they said I was a "competitive applicant" or something like that. Due to new revelations on my medical record, I might be DQ'd in the DoDMERB examination, and I saw that if you were considered competitive for admission, USNA would automatically consider a medical waiver for you. I was wondering if there was a "competitive status" for USNA like I received for USAFA? For those curious, my ACT scores are English 35, Science 32, Math 29, Reading 34, Writing/Reading combined 33, I did a practice CFA and ran a mile at 5:49, 18 pullups, 87 situps, 59 pushups, shuttle run 8.8, basketball throw 79 feet. Would I earn a competitive status, or would I have to start the waiver myself?
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    You are worrying about boogey men in the night. The term "competitive" is polite conversation for the fact you are not a drooling caveman. You must go through the entire application process and, at the end, IF you have been DQed by DODMERB, and IF the Academy admissions board feels you have enough going for you, and IF your physical glitch is something that the Navy can live with, the Admissions board will automatically initiate a waiver. You do nothing but go along for the ride. The reason you must complete the admissions process is the Navy is not interested in going through the waiver, reexamination, whatever is needed unless you look pretty good to them in the first place.

    Having said that, it is sometimes not that seamless and I would suggest you use the search function and examine old threads on your particular physical question in the DODMERB section.
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