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    As the title suggests, I'm would like some more opinions about my chances of getting in (class of 2017), things to improve on, etc..
    I know that the sports side of the picture is lacking, so I'm trying to do more sports and get really good scores on the PFT.
    I appreciate any/all help with this; thanks.

    5th year in marching band, 3rd as drum major. Best drum major award south jersey chanmpionships 2010,2011
    4th year in stage crew, leadership position all years, i.e. wing captain, construction captain, etc.
    4th year in national award winning jazz ensemble
    I'll be a New Jersey state certified firefighter in December. I have been a volunteer firefighter since November 2010. My guess is between 400-600 service hours.
    2nd year in weight training
    1st year running cross country
    I also have a job at a convenience store
    I am also close to getting my pilot's license although this might not mean anything for admission

    now onto the grades

    rank is 23/245 4.0 unweighted
    I took the ACTs once and got 27, and I will be taking the SATs and ACTs again in the fall

    freshman year course and final grade
    Lab health 94
    lab phys ed 95
    advanced english 89
    US history 93
    Adv Geometry 91
    Adv biology 89
    Spanish 95
    Jazz ensemble 95
    Wind ensemble 96

    Sophomore year

    Drivers ed 95
    lap phys ed 97
    English 96
    Adv US history 2 94
    Adv algebra 2 91
    Adv chemistry 88
    Spanish 2 97
    Jazz 95
    Computer art 93

    Junior year

    Intro to engineering 96
    lab health 96
    honors physics 94
    jazz 98
    lab phys ed 98
    adv world history 94
    adv trig 96
    adv enlgish 92

    definite classes for next year

    AP lit/composition
    AP government
    Honors calculus
    woodworking technology
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    Good start.

    I recommend picking up a ACT/SAT prep-book that contains a CD with practice tests for summer study practice. Plan on taking both tests several times. The average incoming cadet for the class of 2016 had a 29 ACT.

    I think your plan on taking honors Calculus will help. Good luck.
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    You might want to check the College Board site for how to figure out an unweighted GPA... your grades are very good, and I see that all of your B's are in honors classes, but when you unweight them, they still get counted as B's, hence you could not have a 4.0. There is a guide on the College Board site that tells you how to convert. Keep up the good work!
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    you're correct. gpa was 95.56%. i just rounded to 96%.

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