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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by live4ever, Feb 14, 2009.

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    When a University does not offer Room and Board to AROTC students, what are other sources of financial aid/ loans/ scholarships for them. Where should we start looking?
    We do not belong to the destitute cathegory... meaning we do have income... we are part of the blessed middle class... too much for federal help, not enough to pay $13000 / year. Bonus disapeared with the financial crisis, we are thankful to still have a job!!! Anyone else in this situation??:help:
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    Apply for financial aid. Depending on the school this will involve filing the FAFSA and possibly the Profile.
    Even if you won't qualify for a federal grant, there are Federal Loans that the student can qualify. If the school determines you have "need" then a student can borrow subsidized loans and the gov't will pay the interest while in school. If there isn't "need" the student can qualify for unsubsidized loans.
    A first year student can borrow a total of $5500/year, a second year student can borrow $6500/year.

    If the student is already in college - check the financial aid office and or the student's major for scholarships.

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