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Feb 4, 2017
I just went to my DoDMERB on Tuesday for my AFROTC scholarship offer. When I check the status on Dodmets it's showing complete-hold. Is this normal? It also says application pending date 3-31-17 which is still 6 days from now. I know some people on this forum who had complete-hold for weeks and had to redo paperwork. How long should I wait before I call to find out what's going on? Additionally, who should I contact?
My typical answer is to give DoDMERB/DoDMETS 5-10 business days to allow the portal to update. They are probably waiting on getting all the medical reports into the system for the review. So, you could call your tech next week to ask if there is anything missing that you can follow up with.
"The DoDMETS "Complete-Hold" usually means that the applicant has finished his/her exams, however when DoDMETS (Concorde) was reviewing the file before sending the results over to DoDMERB, there is a piece of information missing on one of the exams. My DS had this happen - in our case the eye doctor did not fill out one of the questions. We called Concorde and they told us this. Concorde then reaches out to the doctor to get the info so that the file can be "Completed" and then sent to DoDMERB. My suggestion is to call Concorde and find out why there is a complete-hold on the file....they will tell you. They will allow you to also reach out to the particular doctor to encourage them to hurry the process along. Good luck."
DS called Concorde to see why his application as in a "Complete-Hold" status and was told they don't disclose information. I guess we will wait to see if the status changes in the next week or so.
DS medical and eye exam were both sent to DoDMETS 6/13/17. Same day his status changed to "complete". A few hours later, his status changed to "Complete-hold". He called Concord on 6/14/17 and ask if there was anything he needed to do to help. The lady told him that the medical physical doctor had left question #55 blank and that he could call the doctor, have them to correct it and then resend it back to them. He did that and minutes later, his status changed back to "Complete" and today his DoDMERB status states "Under DoDMERB review." So, hopefully, DS will know something.
I would not wait more than a week. DS waited a month and then went back and forth between Concorde and Doctor's office for a couple of weeks causing a long delay and much stress!. Don't be afraid to call your DODMERB tech and get the appropriate contact and phone number at Concorde. You will most likely need to be a squeaky wheel.
This thread just helped me out! I called Concorde after my status changed from "pending" to "complete-hold," to find out that the provider didn't write my sitting height down correctly, so they have to get a new copy of my exam. They told me to call tomorrow if my status doesn't change soon. The search bar pays dividends on this forum, more users need to utilize it!