Complicated Situation--PLEASE HELP

Discussion in 'Military Academy - USMA' started by le.hutton, Nov 22, 2010.

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    For simplicities sake, I will list my options in order of preference:

    1. West Point
    2. Marine Option NROTC
    3. Army ROTC

    I just received a 4 year Army rotc scholarship to villanova university under the condition that I get a medical waiver. The problem is, I have to say yes or no by the 19th of December(2010). I am a competitive candidate for west point, and I have several nominations, but I have no idea when or if (1) I will get an appointment, or (2) I receive a medical waiver, and I'm thinking it won't be before the 19th of December. I don't want to turn down the scholarship only to be rejected medically and/or academically by west point.

    To further complicate things: I have applied for the Marine Option ROTC scholarship, which I really really want to do if I don't get into west point(don't ask my why its complicated). If I get this scholarship from the early board, theoretically I will know around Christmas time. If I dont get it, my package will be sent to a later board and god knows when I would hear from that one. As I understand it, each program has its own waiver authority, so all things considered I would need a statistician to figure out all the different ways this could go.

    I realize this is partly my fault for applying to so many programs, but 'they' told me to apply to as many as possible--i did. I'm sure I'm not the first person to be in this situation, so I want to know how it has played out in the past, and if there are any neat bureaucratic loopholes I could exploit in pursuing my dreams.
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    Accept the scholarship. If you get accepted by one of your top two then call the decline it. The initial acceptance of the ROTC scholarship is in no way a binding agreement much like the way you can theoretically accept an appointment to USMA and not show up without repercussions.
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    May I ask why you want marine option NROTC over AROTC but WP is your first choice?
  4. rkrosnar

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    Complicated Situation

    Great question by Vampsoul, but I am in agreement with Americas Finest.


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