Compression Shorts


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Sep 30, 2015
1. Regular "white" underwear shorts are available everywhere and 12 are on the packing list. I'm thinking about getting compression/athletic underwear. They may not all be white, maybe grey or black included. Maybe a mixture of each (style/color) if cannot get all white compression ones for DS?

2. On a need-to basis, are basic cadets allowed to make a PX run during BCT? If so, are purchases to be charged on their pay account, or a PX gift card is allowed/recommended?
Any insight?
Hi 1mom. We are sending DS with the combination black, Grey and white athletic underwear. I've seen many posts stating as long as you stick to basic neutral colors you should be fine.

I believe the basics will have access to the cadet store (BX for USAF) at some point. Instructions to Appointee booklet mentions approx $275 cash, but we are using DS's debit card and minimizing cash.

Are you a member of the Parent Facebook page? There is a constant stream of advice asked and given. It's a great help. It's called "USAFA Class of 2021 Parents Group". It's a closed, private group and you will need approval to join. Easy to do and a whole lot of info.
In regards to shopping, the cadre will take their basics to the cadet store (smaller than the BX) about once a week. These will be the only opportunities given to shop so it's a good idea for your son to think about what he needs throughout the week so he doesn't forget something. He will need his own money, either cash or card, as he won't get paid until after basic.
They will issue compression shorts (at least they have in the past 2 years), and those ones are black. Also, the color of undergarments doesn't matter as much as you think it might. I would personally suggest gray because all the socks and underwear are washed together during BCT causing the white undergarments to turn a sort of gray-ish color anyway (source: it happened to me).
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