Computer back-up helpful?

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    This one is for alumni and parents of those: Did you or your children experience any computer crashes or loss of data through out college? My college is offering an automatic internet back-up service for students laptops. It will ensure that the student never loses a paper that's due because of a computer problem. For $150 does this service seem worth it?
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    If it's $150 for 4 years, that's not a bad deal. If it's just for 1 year, try a commercial service instead. I use Carbonite, about $50 - $60 a year for 1 computer. Backs up whatever you indicate to the cloud so it's available to restore or to access via their website from any computer. Also makes it a snap to transfer data from one computer to another if you get a new one.
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    Try Carbonite. Much cheaper and saves your files and every thing else. Not programs which you have to reinstall for some copyright reasons. Save the install disk for the original program to reinstall the original purchased programs. Just had a major crash and it cost $1,500 to restore all kid pictures and school documents back to year one hockey. My daughter's school backs up every day. It is part of the IT program which we pay for.

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