Computers for the Class of 2012???


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Oct 16, 2007
I was just wondering was the computers were going to be for the class of 2012. I saw some articles that showed in 2006 the Air Force Academy began using a tablet pc from Gateway. It also said that the only suggestions for computers in future years would be tablet pc's. Can anyone tell me what 2011 got or what 2012's may be?
if you read the book in your appointee kit, it says that they won't be selecting one until May, but it does list the specs for the tablet pc from the class of 2011. Just in case you haven't read, it's a fujitsu T4220. Actually, do a forum search because I recall a thread about this a while back
What is this "appointee package?" I was told by the admissions office to look in there for boot types and now by you for the computer specs...

I received my offer of appointment, but is the "appointee package" after I accept it? The only reason why I'm holding out is because I have not visited the campus and still haven't decided on Air Force or Navy.
It's a kit of forms and information you'll recieve when you accept your appointment. I would think the Naval Academy probably would send you one too. It has a life insurance form, AOG form, immunization records form, security form, sizing charts, info about basically everything else. The sizing sheet was supposed to be mailed back Mar. 1st, in case you were wondering, but here is the computer part you were wondering about:
All fourth-classmen will be issued a new notebook computer in August, two days before the fall semester begins. It will come pre-loaded with all software required for cadets, including Microsoft Office, math packages, Autodesk [inventor and auto cad, i assume?]and anti-virus software. Since the computer will not be selected until May 2008, we cannot list the specifications yet; however it will be similar to the computer issued to the Class of 2011 described below:

Fujitsu model T4220 tablet computer
Intel Core 2 Duo (1.8 Ghz)
2 GB memory
12.1"XGA LCD
Integrated 10/100/1000 Ethernet
Wireless - Atheros Super AG802.11ABG
Port Replicator w/ 2nd Power charger
Integrated Smart Card Reader (for your CAC card)
Port replicator, external HD, keyboard, and optical mouse
Accesories (cables, memory key, lock back, etc)
4 year parts and warranty