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Dec 22, 2007
Just a curious question that I havent seen come up, what kind of computers do they issue the cadets at the academy and what are some regs placed on the computers?
Here is a list of the specs for the computer issued to the class of 2011. The computers issued do change, so there is no guarantee that this is the one that 2012 will get.

Class of 2011 US AF Acad Cadet Package

Fujitsu LifeBook T4220 Tablet PC - Core 2 Duo T7500 2.2 GHz
12.1" TFT
Core 2 Duo T7500 / 2.2 GHz
HDD 120 GB
GMA X3100 - Gigabit Ethernet - WLAN : 802.11 Super AG, 802.11a/b/g - TPM - fingerprint reader, SmartCard reader
Win XP Tablet PC 2005 - 12.1" TFT 1024 x 768 ( XGA )

You also will get a dock and port replicator for in your room. Most Cadets buy a bigger monitor for in their room, and a printer. Our son got a 19" widescreen monitor for his.

As far as restrictions on the computers go, I am not sure, so I won't attempt to answer. One of the current Cadets can step in and answer that part.

2010 got the first cadet tablets with some Gateways (aka door stoppers!).

The only restrictions for hardware are things that mess with the government network or connect you to an outside network. Any specific questions, do ask.
That should be fine. Computer Science majors actually have to have a partition for linux for a class of theirs.
those 2011 computers are pretty good, twice as powerful as my laptop.... I would definitely think about (if i get in the CGA) to later getting a duel screen.... my bro, andy, down in Arlington got one for work and it is very helpful

also, i do hope they stick with windows xp, windows vista is very poor to work with and use
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that computer is phenomenal! I have an over-clocked (433MHz) pentium II computer at my house. 327 MB RAM, 20 gig hard drive =] I have a wireless PCI card though! and a video input!
dang dude, you need a new computer, go buy a laptop at circuit city for like 400 bucks and it would be better than what you have. Although, my favorite computer was when I had a 386(Yay DOS!)

I do have stronger words for windows vista, but I don't think I'm allowed to write them..... My brother andrew(andy) is a computer science major and he uses linux for work(DOD, all I know) and home. He says its just easier to use, and less trouble with bugs etc. when programming.

hornetguy, I'm guessing all of the computers they use now have fingerprint readers?
Only 2011 has fingerprint readers. They are the first, the rest of us must resort to using passwords. :)
SmartCard reader?

Is that a digital camera card?

Oh and on that subject, are you allowed digital cameras to take pictures with?
SmartCard reader?

Is that a digital camera card?

Oh and on that subject, are you allowed digital cameras to take pictures with?

No, it's for your CAC card, or common access card, for you to log in to your computer
Camera or Computer? Big answer yes to both, but you will not have access to them until after Acceptance day in August. The Academy will issue you a laptop with all the required software and access to their network. I have been told some cadets have chosen to use a personal computer, but it will have to be used under the guidelines and restrictions set up by the Comm Sq. Just use their computer it will make life much easier.

Cameras a little different they aren't giving you one so bring or have your own sent to you after A-Day.
As an AD guy I can say that Vista is going to be pushed very soon but that Linux is an option in some situations. I am not sure how much translates from where I worked to the Academy but I do know that DoD wide they are implementing version control by imaging all computers the same. This is known as the SDC or standard desktop configuration.

I imagine that the laptops would at least start SDC compliant [cadet input?]. Current standards allow for continued use of up to two versions earlier so that older computers have time to be refreshed which means that you may luck out and get the oldest version of XP and be able to hang on to it until the next version of windows comes out.

Oh and please use the term CAC not CAC card. It stands for common access card so putting the extra "card" on the end is redundant. Comm guys hate it.
Anyone know what kind of computers are issued to class of 2012?
So you can bring your own computer with you? Just making clear. I have a Macbook Pro, so I doubt anything they issue would be better. :p
Do you get to keep the computer after you graduate, or is it U.S. Air Force property that they get to reclaim after you have graduated and received your commission?
The computer is personal property. While it is the "issued" computer, you still spend $1800 (or whatever they cost now) to buy it.

Personal computers are allowed, but there may be some pretty serious network restrictions. I am not familiar with that process.