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    Candidates here seem to have had their reports turned in to Concorde from the medical contractors within one business day, then Concorde submits it to DoDMERB 3 or 4 days after that, and qualified candidates were receiving notifications of qualifed within 5 -7 business days from the date of their exams.

    My DS had his exams July 15, and Concorde's website reflected that both his reports were submitted to them within a business day. Then, his Concorde status became "Complete - hold". Well, after a week of that, he called Concorde to see what this meant. They reported that the medical report was missing the doctor's signature, and that they had faxed the doctor's office three times and called twice and had not received a response. He then called the doctor's office, and a staffer who said she remembered him and reassured him that she handles ALL DoDMERB candidates was adamant that she had definitely not received any such communications from Concorde.

    Then I contacted Concorde, and this time some patronizing supervisor emailed me back and, couched in boilerplate niceties, told us not to contact the doctor's office again, that our input was not requested and that any further inquiries to Concorde on this topic could be detrimental to his application.

    Now, I have no doubt that Concorde deals with all types of candidates and parents ranging from the overzealous to outright nuts. I can only reassure you that my DS, and when he requires a little back up, my DS and I, have had as a guiding principle that all communications regarding his application are to be made with meekness, cheer and the best of manners. The real point is that this was not about a regular delay with a regular part of the process: it is a situation where there was obviously a genuine foul up, and this is EXACTLY the sort of thing I've read about here happening between doctors, Concorde and DoDMERB only to be uncovered by the candidate after his application has been delayed a couple of months.

    So: what does my DS do if a couple of weeks go by and nothing changes? He's basically been issued a veiled threat not to contact them about this again. Personally, I realize the DoD is their client, not my DS, but I think it's the outrageous brand of government/government contractor arrogance present where they know you have no where else to go and they hold your fate in their hands.

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