Concorde processing time / question


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Jul 25, 2008
How long does it usually take for physical forms to show up as having been received on the Concorde website? My eye exam forms showed up the next business day. I did my physical a little over 2 weeks ago and the physical forms still don't show as having been received and my application status is still Incomplete. Should I be concerned or is this a normal processing time? The people at the physical place weren't terribly organized and I'm kind of worried that they forgot to send in the forms.
In 2006 it took them almost a month for my son's physical to show up. My daughter had hers done on August 5th. It has not shown up and I am not concerned. It takes the "physical" paper work awhile to be processed. The eye exam is pretty much cut and dry. Good luck with your application and get used to waiting. But it is worth the wait.