Conditional Appointment


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Dec 17, 2009
I thought I might open up a new thread for anyone else who might want to post on my acceptance since I seem to have hijacked another thread.

I want to thank all of you for your congratulations messages. I have received many PMs about many of you following my journey throughout this process and how my experiences/posts have helped you in your own. I am humbled and am glad that I have made positive contributions to the community here.

My mother just emailed me scans of my acceptance letter and the letter stating that I am DodMERB disqualified. I happened to run across the date that the decision was made: March 28th. I think this coincides with the date that bossf51's DS was accepted a long time ago, which is coincidental since he was my interviewer last year.

Again, many thanks everyone! I hope I can get this waiver stuff figured out in 8 weeks (the letter states that 10-12 weeks is the standard time...eeek!)

I have followed your posts and am glad you got a conditional appointment and I hope you get the waiver.:thumb:
(I am also DQ'd and my DoDMERB status remains "Pending Waiver Submission/Review".) Your posts give me hope.
YankeesFan -

As a mom of a USCGA Cadet, Class of 2014, as well as born and raised Red Sox Fan, CONGRATULATIONS! You are a true testiment to the benefits of perseverance. I wish you much luck and additional perseverance as you begin the waiver process!!!

USCGA Mom, Class of 2014
Yankees Fan,

Congratulations! We hope only the best for you! You really deserve it!!

Good luck!!!!!
I was in your spot last year....had a conditional appointment, but needed a rebuttal or a waiver. While your case might not be the same as mine was, feel free to PM me if you have any questions.

It's been a long road from AIM application to conditional appointment. I'm sure you'll do your utmost to get cleared.

Anyone who's been reading the Coast Guard Academy threads couldn't help but come across your name, your helpful information, and encouraging words!


Congratulations! I'm so impressed with your perseverance. Good job and now we need to get DoDMERB to cooperate. FANTASTIc, so happy for you.:thumb::thumb:

My son received a conditional appt too, but was able to turn around the final decision in a two week period with a positive outcome. By no means was it easy to get all the letters, etc. But he pushed and made everyone aware of the importance to respond quickly. Not only should you get letters from doctors stating you are fit for military, but also try to get letters from coaches who can speak about your condition/situation. Collect all the letters and then send these in one FED EX package for overnight delivery. Then start praying...

Good luck - You can do it!
Anticipating that this would happen at some point or another, I already have about 5 statements from specializing doctors stating that the diagnosis in question no longer applies.

The condition in question was also mentioned in my essays for admission to the Academy, so that's another +1 for me I hope.

Congrats YankeeFan! Awesome news for you, and for those who will follow in your footsteps. Take heart, reapplicants. Good things come to those who challenge themselves and reapply! :smile:
Congratulations Andrew!! :thumb::smile:

I am so happy for you, I have followed your journey continuously for the past two years! I can't wait to have you join us here in June! Good luck on your waiver, that was the toughest part of the process for me last year but you definitely seem to know what to do and how to do it!
I thought I might give everyone here an update to my application after a bit over a month.

Not much has changed; I'm still waiting for a medical waiver. My AO remains optimistic, and the academy's operations support officer is nice and still answers my requests to know my waiver status. He seems to think that the doctor will finish all waiver recommendations by the end of the week.

I hope there's enough time.


Sending good thoughts your way! Hope you have your waiver by week's end. You have a great outlook and with your tenacity, I believe you will do well at CGA!

Good luck!
Still hoping you get that waiver! Hang in there, you have a lot of us pulling for you!
Thinking good thoughts for you Andrew! You've come this far, just hang in there for a little bit longer. :thumb:
Phillies Fan

Good Luck Andrew - we're pulling for you from Southwest Fla.:smile: