Conduct System Question.


May 11, 2017
Chapter 2 of the Conduct System prohibits the "possession, generation, viewing, or display of pornographic materials in Bancroft Hall or on the Naval Academy complex."

A friend's son at the USAFA left as a consequence of rampant pornography. Is the prohibition on pornography enforced at USNA? We have concerns about a son in a setting whether pornography would be wide spread.

Any insights as to whether this is a problem would be appreciated.
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These are generally the same prohibitions you see in any military, government or civilian work place these days, and which have been in place for years. The existence of the regulations does not indicate a problem, just an expectation of standards to be maintained.

There is not much that can be done about people viewing whatever stuff they want right on their phone on Tumblr or other sites. People can choose to be around it or walk away. People of that age can also lack impulse control and decide to instantly share something, and then the viral spread starts.

What I have observed is severe penalties for downloading or sharing prohibited materials, or accessing prohibited sites on govt networks or computers; or other acts involving pornography that impact good order and discipline.

Mids make great spirit videos for sports events. Mids should not use that talent for pornography. They get to have certain things visible in their Bancroft Hall rooms, which is a govt residence. That would not include explicit things.

There will always be a few mids or cadets who will have some shady stuff going on.

Mids get plenty of briefs on these things, and they are responsible for knowing and abiding by Midshipman Regulations (MidRegs). Simple common sense and taking a moment to think through worst case consequences, plus having the courage to not go along with the crowd in certain situations, sees most of them safely through challenges.
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As Capt MJ stated government regulations exist for a reason. These are both USNA regs as you stated and larger Navy policy that govern the internet. All that is blocked and monitored from a network perspective. Some people figure out a way around and most eventually get caught. 99% of Mids know this and won't venture there. There is non-government wifi in parts of company areas now. I believe those who access have to agree to similar types of regulations to not view these kinds of things. There is no telling what occurs on each invidivual's cell phones and tablets. I also realize that USNA has over 3,000 testosterone driven alpha males between the ages of 18-25 all living in one place, I am not naive enough to think there isn't any porn around, but wouldn't call it a problem. There are some current Mids on here who can probably give their views also.
Captain MJ and NavyHoops: thanks much for your responses. I was able to make contact with a Mid who just finished plebe year. He essentially corroborated what both of you said--it is there but it is by no means a problem. Thanks again.